Goss & Balfe recognises Black Economic Empowerment as a business, legal and social imperative, vital for the long-term prosperity of our business and the South African economy at large. We are therefore committed to a process of progressive transformation, aimed at the involvement of previously disadvantaged people in all aspects of our business – as shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers.

Our approach to BBBEE is informed by the following convictions:

  • The diversity of our people constitutes a principal, innate strength within our business;
  • The BBBEE initiative provides a sound building block from which to transform and grow our operations;
  • We believe that a fully empowered organisation is defined by an inclusive knowledge sharing structure;

The BBBEE initiative presents a significant opportunity to normalise the domestic economy and to contribute to tangible economic growth.

Goss & Balfe is a proud Level 1 contributor to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment with a recognition level of 110%.